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Welcome to the Polar Bear Water Treatment, LLC website.  Polar Bear Water Treatment, LLC is a small business that was formed in the State of Wyoming in June 2010 with a mission to support the oil and gas industry by providing a full-service waste water management handling, treatment, and disposal service. 

The name Polar Bear Water Treatment, LLC was chosen by the company founders to bring to mind the wintry vision of an arctic landscape -- an expanse of ice and snow (although without actual Polar Bears) -- which is replicated at  the Polar Bear Water Treatment FTE® Facility in southcentral Wyoming through the application of the Freeze-Thaw/Evaporation Process -- a technology that freezes produced water and frac flowback to purify and desalinate it.  
The Freeze-Thaw/Evaporation (FTE®) Process is a technology that was researched, developed, and commercialized by John Boysen, the company's Operating Manager, in the 1990s.  The technology utilizes the cold, dry weather conditions found in the Rocky Mountains and Canada, along with an enhanced evaporation system, to remove a variety of contaminants to create a fresh water source, as well as to evaporate and dispose produced water from oil and gas field operations.  

Polar Bear Water Treatment FTE® Facility anticipates opened in September 2012.  Contact the Polar Bear Water Treatment Office at 307-742-5156 for disposal space availability.